BURAQ Birds Accessories Swing, Ladder,Chewing Hanging Toy,Ball for Love Birds Budgies Parrots Cockatiel Conure Finches Parakeet Suitable for All Types of Birds Cages (Chain Swing)


  • UNIQUE FEATURES – Our design is suitable for most parrot cage love bird cage, colorful and attractive, allowing your birds to relax and play, ideal for your feather pets to rest or exercise by swinging and climbing bird toys for budgies
  • HIGH QUALITY – They are made of durable and non-toxic pet safe natural wooden materials, your pet bird can play them without any misgivings which gives your bird natural world
  • EASY TO INSTALL – It’s easy to place these little parakeet toys on a bird cage by simply attaching the steel hook to the top of the pet cage and you can view the size information to suit your needs
  • WIDELY USE -This birds toy set not only for small birds like budgie, cockatiels, conures, finches, small parakeets, but also suitable for other small animals like hamsters, gerbils, mice, rats etc
  • NATURAL – the toy is made up of natural material

WHY BIRD NEED TOYS – In the wild, most birds are gregarious, they spend a lot of time to foraging and avoiding the enemy. However, once the birds was domesticated, there is no such worries, and have more free time. So toys are a necessity for birds in the cage.

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