Rio Complete Daily Food for Budgies 500g

  • Balanced feed mix for daily feeding
  • Versatile mix with 12 different ingredients
  • Contains rare black millet rich in carotenoids and pro-vitamin A
  • Contains calcium gluconate as a source of calcium and algae as a natural source of iodine
  • No preservatives or dyes
Item FormSeeds
Specific Uses For ProductBird Food
Package InformationBag
Age Range (Description)All Life Stages
Model NameArt. 21010

The varied composition of the feed for budgies includes black millet as an additional source of energy, Niger seed which is rich in proteins and fats, canary seed, linseed, and other grains and seeds that budgies love so much. Ingredients: yellow millet, red millet, canary seed, peeled oat, black millet, linseed, oat, Niger seed, healthy seeds, algae, calcium gluconate.

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