Sage Square Wooden Bird Toys Combo | Perch, Platform, Ladder, Swing, Hanging Cage Accessory | for Budgie, Parrot, Cockatiel, Parakeet, Conure, Macaw etc


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  • What You Get – Package includes 6 pieces of bird toys. Bungee Spiral Ladder, Swing, Flexible Ladder, Square Hanging, Rectangle Platform, and Wooden Perch.
  • Fun Toys For Birds – Decorate birdcage and Gift your feather buddies these amazing toys to have hours of fun. Birds will love to swing, climb and hop on these toys. These are must-haves to relieve birds’ boredom.
  • Multi-Function Toys – Toys are designed to provide resting space as well as exercise opportunities to the bird. Provides your pet bird an ideal elevated place to swing, hop, chew and climb.
  • Easy to Install – Easily install toys using steel hooks. Perch and platform are fully outfitted with metal wing nut and build-in nut. Can be mounted on the inside or outside of the bird cage for extra living and landing space.
  • Safe Material – Toys are made using natural wood. Pet-safe edible dye is used to color the wooden beads.
Material Wood
Colour Multi-colored
Brand Sage Square

Why Buy Sage Square Bird Toys?Scientific research shows that pet birds need toys to prevent boredom and stay healthy. Without toys, your bird is prone to behavioral problems such as screaming, feather plucking, and biting.
Features of Bird ToysToys are completely handmade using durable and food-grade materials. Making it bite-resistant and pet safe.Bright colors and bell sounds will naturally attract the bird’s attention.A few hours of mental stimulation and solid physical exercise will benefit your bird.An ideal place for bird swinging, hopping, climbing, sports, chewing, and foraging.
Gift your pet these amazing toys and have hours of fun watching them play.

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