The Squeaky Dog Ball is a durable and entertaining chew toy designed for medium to big dogs. Crafted from non-toxic rubber, it ensures safety during playtime. Engineered to withstand vigorous chewing, this tough ball provides long-lasting fun for your canine companion. The built-in squeaker adds an extra layer of excitement, making it an engaging and interactive toy. Keep your dog entertained and promote dental health with this reliable and resilient Squeaky Dog Ball.

If you are looking for a toy for your dog, you found a great choice. It integrates the functions of teeth cleaning, chewing (and what dog doesn’t love to chew?), funny noises to engage curiosity, a training tool, and pure bouncing fun. Your pup will enjoy it indoors or outdoors.

The toy ball can not only bring joy to the dog when the dog is bored or without the owner’s company, reduce the anxiety caused by loneliness, but also prevent the dog from damaging the clothes and furniture at home.To prevent destructive chewing, be sure to find a fun and durable toy for your dog.


How to let your dog to love this ball?

Shake the ball and let your dog hear the giggle sound. Each time your dog plays with the ball, encourage them! You can also put peanut butter on the ball or your dog’s favorite snack to attract them to play with the ball. Interacting with your dog can increase their affection.

Note: We do NOT recommend this product for large or aggressive dogs, as they may damage the ball. Generally, we consider large dogs to be dogs weighing more than 65 pounds.




Giggle sound

It is well known that dogs are very sensitive to sound. Sound can stimulate the hippocampus and auditory cortex of dogs and promote their brain development. Play can make your dog smarter!

Keep your dog’s mouth healthy

Poor oral hygiene is the cause of bad breath in dogs, as well as dental problems. Try spreading pet toothpaste on your toy to brush his teeth while he plays with it!

TPR soft shell + ABS hard inner shell

The whole ball is made of food grade materials. Double layer protection, resistant to damage.


Technical Details

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